Iyengar Yoga Round Bolster


What are the best bolster for Iyengar yoga poses? This round bolster is made of high quality cotton and is very comfortable. It is easy to use and comes in green and blue colours. Click here for more information.Round bolster is used as a support for various yoga poses. Yoga-nation provides you with round bolster which helps in transitioning your practice to next level. It comes in green and blue colour which is made up of high quality cotton. This is a must have tool in your yoga practice.

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Round bolster is an essential item that is used in yoga for various purposes. This round bolster comes with high quality cotton which makes it comfortable for any kind of practice. It also helps to enhance your practice and transition your practice so you can go to the next level.Yoga props are the most useful yet under-valued products for yoga practice. Round bolsters help in relieving pressure on wrists and elbows, making poses easier and comfortable. They also allow a deeper stretch as it activates the back muscles.Yoga-Nation is your one stop shop for all yoga accessories. From yoga blankets, blocks, bolster to apparel you name it and we have it. Our products are made of high quality material and are light in weight which makes them user friendly.

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 61 × 23 cm


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