Meditation Bench


Meditation bench is a product that is used by people who want to meditate. It allows you to sit in the lotus position, which is a perfect posture for meditation.

Meditation bench is a best tool for meditation which allows your back to adjust a perfect sitting posture.

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Don’t trust your meditation posture just with any simple meditation bench! Our Yoga-Nation Meditation Bench is built to last for years. Constructed from super durable wood, it is designed with a special angled seat position that allows your back to effortlessly straighten posture for long as you sit. Aside from that, it also has a soft foam padded top that provides superb comfort and will not cause any pressure points. We have designed our meditation bench to improve the posture of your back and knees. Unlike other benches that have a flat seat, a sloping surface on the seat of this meditation bench helps to adjust your posture. This recumbent position let your knees lay in a relaxed position, your back is in a 45-degree angle, your head has a straight posture and your neck in a line with your spine. It also helps to extend your spine and elongate your spinal cord.


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